Management board

Kizilov Dmitry Ivanovich

Chairman of the Board

Repeated medal winner of the St. Petersburg aquabike championship, marshal of the competition, trained in Italy and licensed by the Federation of water-motor sport of Italy for judging and ensuring the safety of aquabike competitions, a participant of the European and World Championship in the discipline of rally-raid, “Sport judge of the All-Russian categories, water-motor sport, aquabike class”.

Grinchenko Vladislav Nikolaevich

Executive Director, Member of the Board

Winner of the championships of St. Petersburg and Russia. Organizer of aquabike competition among amateurs.

Panchenko Anastas Yurievich

Athletic Director, Board Member

Champion of Russia in the water-motor sport in the aquabike class, winner of the European Championships, winner of the World Cup. He is a member of the national motor-boating team of the Russian Federation and is a member of the professional JetSki St.Petersburg Team aquabike racing team (@jetskispb / The ultra-triathlete, the first athlete from Russia, who overcame 5 full Ironman distances in 5 days (according to the formula [3.86 km swimming, 180.25 km cycling stage, 42.16 running] X 5), having completed the Epic5 Challenge race.

Egorov Andrey Valentinovich

Director of the Training Center, Member of the Board

Prize-winner of the Cup of Russia and the Russian Aquabike Championships, master of sports in powerboat. World champion in powerboat class RIB.