Celebration of the Day of the Navy of the Russian Federation

Fans of aquabike, organized by the convoy, accompanied by employees of the Center GIMS EMERCOM of Russia in St. Petersburg, will meet warships participating in the naval parade. The celebrations will be attended by ships, submarines and naval aviation of the Baltic, Northern, Black Sea and Pacific fleets, as well as equipment of the Military Space Forces and support vessels. Further, for all participants of the event, a non-alcoholic buffet and music program based on the GIMS will be organized (St. Petersburg, Yuzhnaya Road, 12).

Date: 07.28.19

Location: St. Petersburg, Yuzhnaya doroga 12, GIMS Center of the Russian Emergencies Ministry for St. Petersburg

Event start time: 9:40

Event end time: 17:00


9:40 collection of participants

10:00 briefing

10:30 organization of the column and exit, accompanied by employees GIMS

12: 00-14: 00 meeting of the Navy ships

14: 00-15: 00 lunch on the basis of GIMS

15: 00-17: 00 departure in an organized convoy, accompanied by employees of the State Inspectorate for Hydrometeorology and Tourism, to the water area of ​​the city, bypassing the naval vessels

More detailed timing and possible changes in it will be presented at the briefing.

We invite all lovers of water bikes to take part in the celebration of the Day of the Navy of the Russian Federation.

A mobile application center will also be organized on the basis of the GIMS for joining the members of the NGO Aquabikers of the Neva. Anyone wishing to join the UNION, please prepare in advance the required documents for entry. The list of required documents can be found here .

Photos from the event

Video from the event