For the Sponsors

Sponsorship and partnership support to the Nevo-Baltic Union non-profit organization for the promotion, coordination and development of motorboat on the aquabike “Nebaybaykery Neva” is an investment in the development of your business!

As a sponsor or partner of the Neva Aquabikers , you get the opportunity to:

  • increase brand awareness
  • raise prestige in the international market
  • get access to new Russian and international clients
  • announce the launch of a new program, product, stock
  • attract investors to the company’s projects
  • demonstrate a new company image

Combination of wide PR opportunities, various branding and an active advertising campaign in the media and on the official website NKO “Aquabikers of the Neva” can multiply the impact on the target audience.

Benefits for Sponsors and Partners:

  • large-scale integrated marketing program
  • direct access to an exclusive audience
  • priority access to exclusive information and all necessary resources for effective work
  • demonstration of its significant position among the leading players in the industry
  • efficiency: sponsorship investments start to bring results immediately and ensure maximum return on investment

We are ready to develop an individual sponsor or partner program taking into account the interests of your company.

You can receive more detailed information about the finished sponsorship package, as well as information about the development of an individual sponsorship or partner package. You can send your question to